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REMARKABLY, yes! axe throwing is an incredibly safe sport, if proper safety guidelines are followed. Each lane is gated off to contain the throwers and axes. An axe master will walk everyone through proper throwing technique and safety before any throwing begins. The axe master near the party for the duration of the event. we strive to make safety our number one priority, (fun is a close second)!


AxesEach and every axe is inspected prior to each party to ensure the axe is in good condition. Throwers are taught to grip the axe by the handle (not the blade!). axe masters ensure the blades of the axes are sharp enough to hit AND stick in the target. but don’t worry, we make sure they are not razor blade sharp. No broken axes will be used.

Lanes Fences block each lane this area from the rest of the facility to keep throwers and axe in their proper space. Only the 2 throwers and their axes allowed in inside the lane at one time. This includes ensuring the area behind the throwers (a 6 ft radius) is clear. For safety reasons, participants are instructed to throw and retrieve their axes in sync.

Axe master axe masters provide direction throughout the entire event from safety guidelines, throwing technique, and tournament style games.  To ensure the safety of each participant, the axe masters encourage throwers to count down from 3, signalling the throwers when to throw. axe masters will monitor the overall safety of the event as well as provide individual coaching to ensure every PARTICIPANT is able to stick it!


If you are not following the safety rules, we reserve the right to TERMINATE YOUR EXPERIENCE.

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